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Replica Watches Beware!

WISeKey provides a solution to the counterfeit watch trade

Let’s be honest. People who go out and buy fake watches suck! Over the years, the counterfeit watch market has become increasingly more sophisticated. Sometimes even the fake watches cost in the thousands of dollars and are pretty good duplicates of there authentic watch counterparts.

But who buys a fake watch? Phonies.

Bad news for all the fakers out there: WISeKey has been creating NFC technology that is embedded into luxury watches that allow them to be authenticated over the lifespan of the watch. They are linking this technology directly to the consumer allowing them to discover how to tell if a watch is fake almost immediately:

WISeKey continues to work closely with luxury watch brands and collaborates with manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, software, and medical supplies to deeply understand their concerns in order to offer better solutions. WISeAuthentic offers a sophisticated monitoring system of a product’s movement through the entire supply chain, from manufacturer, distribution, and purchase, a process proven to help identify fakes and reduce illicit trade.

In 2012, WISeKey plans to make its WISeAuthentic encryption technology more easily accessible through its technical advancements, in order to help even more organizations in different markets and sectors globally improve their resilience against counterfeiting.

Every replica watch that makes it on the market is a slap in the face to all the craftsmen and designers who spend their lives making miniature works of art every day. Pretty soon, all luxury watches will employ this technology for easy watch authentication. Good news to the serious watch collector. Bad news for the phonies out there.

Shame on you, losers!

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